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Breast Uplift (Mastopexy)

Sagging breasts are a real concern for many women. Loss of skin elasticity with age, gravity and other factors such as pregnancy and nursing can cause the breasts to lose their natural shape and firmness.

A breast Uplift or mastopexy is a surgical procedure that is used to lift and reshape the sagging breasts in to a more youthful appearance. For some women there is also a loss of breast volume following pregnancy or weight loss in addition to the droopy breast appearance. These women may benefit from having breast augmentation surgery in addition to the breast uplift procedure. Mr Huq is an expert at performing breast uplift and can help you restore the size and contour you desire

How is a breast Uplift performed?

There are three main types of breast uplift surgery. The technique that Mr Huq will recommend for you will depend on the degree of droop of your breast, the elasticity of your skin and your aesthetic goals.

Benelli or Purse String Lift

A purse-string, or Benelli mastopexy is suitable for women who require a small amount of lifting. These patients are often young women who want a small lift to achieve more perky breasts. The operation is performed by removing skin from around the areola. The incision is then closed with a purse-string suture that “cinches” the breast envelope centrally and upward to provide a lift. The scar resulting from this breast lift operation is only around the nipple and without any vertical scar on the breast tissue itself.

The Vertical Breast Uplift

This procedure is suitable for women who have a moderate degree of breast droop. Incisions are made around the areola and lower half of the breast in order to raise the nipple and reshape the breast. The scars from this vertical breast uplift look like a lollipop- around the nipple and down the center of the breast. This type of lift is more versatile in elevating the tissue more than a Benelli breast uplift, and works very well in most women.

Wise Pattern or Anchor Type Breast Uplift

This procedure is suitable for women who have a significant degree of breast droop. The surgery involves removing skin from around the areolar and the lower part of the breast. This results in a scar around the nipple, down the center, and underneath of the breast.

How long does the surgery take?

The surgery typically takes between 1 -3 hours and is carried out under a general anaesthetic. You will spend one night in hospital and will be reviewed by Mr Huq in the morning before your discharge.

How long will the breast uplift results last?

The results of breast uplift surgery are well maintained for many months after surgery. However, with ageing, the effect of gravity and loss of skin elasticity the breasts will invariably change their shape over time. In women who have large or heavy breasts the results will not be as long lasting.

What are the possible complications?

Most patients who have breast uplift surgery heal with fine scars. However a small proportion will develop red and lumpy scars that can lead to keloid scars in some cases.

As the nipple position is elevated in this type of surgery there is a risk of altering the sensation to the nipple. In most cases this returns to normal by 12-18 months. In about 5% of women the loss or decrease in nipple sensation is permanent.

In some patients there may be a minor degree of asymmetry between the breasts in terms of their shape, size or scars. Occasionally these patients may need to have an adjustment to one or both breasts.

There is a small risk of bleeding, wound infection and delayed wound healing.

Mr Huq will discuss all the possible risks in detail with you so that you are fully informed before your surgery.

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