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Skin Tags

Skin tags are small skin-coloured or brown growths that protrude from the skin surface. Most skin tags are harmless and cause no concern. However, sometimes they can cause pain or discomfort and can even bleed if they rub against clothing or jewelry.

What options do I have for mole removal?

Mr Huq is an expert in treating skin lesions and will discuss with you the best treatment option to deal with your skin tags. The treatments available are:

Cryotherapy : This treatment involves applying cold liquid nitrogen to destroy the cells in the skin tag – which falls off over the next few days.

Shave Removal : Small moles can be simply shaved away using a scalpel to leave a small pink mark that fades with time.

Excision Removal : Under local anaesthetic the mole is cut away leaving behind a small scar that fades with time.

Are there any complications?

As with any surgical procedure, skin tag removal may result in complications. These rarely occur but include wound infection and bleeding.

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